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Hartshorn Distillery
Of all the websites, in all of the towns, in all the world, you walked into ours.
Of all the websites,
in all of the towns,
in all the world,
you walked into ours.

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Competition Terms & Conditions

My Whey Cocktail Competition

By participating in this competition, competitors acknowledge that they are aware of the following Terms and Conditions. Competitors also acknowledge that they will meet the following rules and regulations.

  1. All competitors must work for a register bar or restaurant within Queensland or New South Wales Northern River and have an RSA
  2. All competitors must be of legal drinking age (18) as of July 28, 2021
  3. Participation is limited to entrants working at a venue at the time of announcing the finalists (August 2021)
  4. Participants place of employment must be purchasing and serving a Massenez liqueur and Hartshorn Spirit as of August 28th 2021
  5. Competition entry requirements involve:
    • Posting on Instagram.
    • Using both a 30mL of Hartshorn and 10mL of Massenez product in such post.
    • Using the hashtags #CocktailandCheese #Hartshorn #Massenez150 in such post.
    • The cocktail must be paired with some cheese or a cheese recipe.
    • Tag @savilerowfortitudevalley, @hartshorndistillery, @massenez_au
  6. All entries must be uploaded onto Instagram before 12:00 am August 29, 2021, AEST.
  7. Entrants must have a public profile on Instagram
  8. Finalists will be announced 13:00 August 30th, 2021, AEST
  9. Seven (7) finalists will be selected at the time of announcement
  10. Finalists will be notified by Direct Message through Instagram
  11. Finalists will be required to be in Brisbane on September 13, 2021, at 5pm the latest.
  12. Finalists who are not able to confirm before the 7th of September they will be at Savile Row at 5pm on September 13, 2021 will be disqualified for the Finale.
  13. Finalists will be liable for all travel expenses to and from the final
  14. Competition entrants for round 1 will be adjudicated based on creativity, visual appeal, and their display of brand loyalty within their individual posts.
  15. Entrants will be judged by Massenez and Hartshorn Representatives.
  16. Finalists will be required to reproduce 4 of their cocktail on the day of the Finale at Savile Row, Monday the 13th of September.
  17. Finalists will be adjudicated at the Final of this cocktail and cheese competition via a panel of judges, who will judge the following criteria:
    • Visual appeal
    • Aroma
    • Taste, mouthfeel, and finish
    • Respect of the rules and the concept
    • Presentation of the cocktail
  18. One (1) finalist will be awarded with the victory entitling them to the following:
    • 2 Return flights to Hobart (Tasmania) from their nearest major city
    • One (1) night accommodation for 2 people in an hotel of Hobart organised by Hartshorn distillery
    • One (1) dinner for 2 people with a pre-set menu at The Glass House Hobart (drinks not included)
    • A private tour of the Distillery and the Cheese production of Hartshorn Distillery
  19. The seven (7) finalists will be invited to a Massenez French Cooking Class Dinner organised at Lumière Events & Culinary Studio