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Hartshorn Distillery
Of all the websites, in all of the towns, in all the world, you walked into ours.
Of all the websites,
in all of the towns,
in all the world,
you walked into ours.

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Smokey Cokey

Peat Smoked Vodka & Clear Cola Spritz


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Sheep Whey Vodka

This is a classy clear cola that has been developed in Tasmania and pairs perfectly with our Peat smoked vodka. Now you have an alcoholic smokey cola that pours clear so no one will know what you are actually drinking. You’re welcome.

Reviews & Ratings


I don’t know why this has not been done before because it is great! The subtle smoke on the nose then explodes in the mouth! Love it!

  • James
  • Verified
  • Sep 01, 2021
Love Hartshorn

We came across Hartshorn on a visit to Tasmania last year. Love how this company has diversified and make such amazing products. I have purchased their Sheep Whey Vodka for a fathers day present, which they have personalised which is amazing. Highly recommend!!

  • Shannon
  • Verified
  • Sep 02, 2021
Different! Good!


  • Jennie O’Neill
  • Verified
  • Sep 13, 2021
Smooth Vodka!

I first bought this Vodka about 5 years ago during a trip to Hobart when I tasted it neat at a ferry pier after disembarking from a cruise ship. Very smooth and instantly grabbed a bottle. This purchase was a gift for my mother who drinks Vodka and my birthday message was written on the bottle itself! So cool and looked amazing! If u like Vodka or want to buy Vodka for someone as a gift, this is the place to do just that! You will be impressed!

  • Jason
  • Verified
  • Sep 14, 2021
Best Gin by a long whey

You will be looking for an orGINal review, but before you beGIN to think I am just some punny guy. You have to try this inGINious variety from our southern friends. Fresh, sweet blend of botanicals with what I can only describe as “hubba bubba” flavour. One for the top shelf!

  • Dave Price
  • Verified
  • Sep 21, 2021

I first tasted this back in 2009 when I was in TAS, Well the Gin just gets better and better! Tastes amazing, service is great. Delivered as ordered for a birthday gift without any fuss…….!
Highly recommend!

  • Dimitri Kappas
  • Verified
  • Sep 24, 2021
Favourite Gin of all time

First tried this gin when driving around TAS and stumbled across the distillery. Immediately purchased a bottle. Then once that was finished I ordered a dark mofo edition. Now I’m ordering my third bottle. Seriously the best gin I’ve ever had. Smooth and velvety and very unique.

  • Marie
  • Verified
  • Sep 24, 2021
One the best Gin’s

I recently visited Tasmania, and discovered your Gin…what a discovery? I really love it, and love your story. I visited your stall at Salamanca markets and then your stand at Brooke st pier in which i chat with a person that told us a bit of your beginnings and your recent success in Japan and the UK. I have shared your gin with family friends and everyones loves it.
Next trip we will definitely visit you at your farm. All the best.

  • Arturo Gutierrez
  • Verified
  • Oct 11, 2021
An amazingly sharp and smooth taste

My hunt for some unique and amazing tasting vodka from Australia has been an amazing journey. To stumble across this beautiful sharp yet smooth oak flavoured notes reminded me of a type of vodka id tried at a Polish wedding called Bimber.
This is served in a oak barrel with cold meats at a special table to share with others. While the Polish version perhaps packs a bit more of a abv punch this is reminiscent of that flavour and that moment but perhaps in a smooth way.
Thank you, I’ve asked many friends to try this and they have been amazed.

  • Roger
  • Verified
  • Oct 11, 2021
Great products

The sheep whey gin is spectacular. Just like Vegemite was a by-product of brewing beer, this gin starts with a by-product from sheep milk cheese. Really have to admire the ingenuity.

  • John Quinn
  • Verified
  • Oct 27, 2021
Buy two bottles, always have a stash, it’s that good.

I travel international for work so always like to sample different gin from around the world, I was given a bottle of Sheep Whey as a present one year and Wow.

I no longer add to the random duty free collection. Sheep Whey beats the lot.

Well done Ryan & Co.

  • Ryan Jacko
  • Verified
  • Nov 02, 2021
My favourite Gin

Don’t let the name put you off trying this gin. It’s a lovely smooth and flavoursome gin that’s so easy to enjoy. My favourite by far!

  • Jane Mendes
  • Verified
  • Nov 09, 2021
Gin & Vodka

Very excited to try the gin from Hartshorn, really impressed with their bottle design and how quickly I received the order. Everything was well packed to ensure no breakages in transport.

  • Alanna
  • Verified
  • Nov 11, 2021
Loving it!

To me this is a beautifully delicate and sweet gin but with with a broad velvety feel in the mouth. Perfect for sipping by itself to really appreciate the texture and botanical notes, or with an ice cube.

  • Kate
  • Verified
  • Nov 11, 2021
A must try Drink

We have been enjoying this drink for sometime now. It is very smooth has a great flavour and always leaves that wonderful warm feeling. Really a very good 🍸

  • Paul Ryan
  • Verified
  • Nov 14, 2021
Great range of products

Since visiting the distillery on a trip to Tasmania in 2017 I have purchased & tasted most products including Whey-sky which is only released every 3 years & I have to say I really enjoy all of them with often giving family & friends different products as presents. I have to say that the best is by far the Whey-sky which is only shared on special occasions but the Vodkas & Gin are enjoyed all year round.
Prices & freight are very competitive allowing me to purchase all products except for the Whey-sky which I have to ration over the period between batches.
Would highly recommend Hartshorn Distillery products

  • David Graham
  • Verified
  • Nov 28, 2021
Great product

This product is only released every 3-4 years l missed the previous one but was luckily able to purchase a bottle from the current batch. It is a different but wonderful taste & I will certainly buy a bottle from the next batch I just have to ration my current bottle until the next one is released.

  • David Graham
  • Verified
  • Nov 28, 2021
Purity of Hart

A real find in a world where it is easy to become cynical about quality and service…classy spirit, apparent in the bottles, and in the business in general…

  • Jackie Crisp
  • Verified
  • Dec 05, 2021
Great products

I have only recently discovered this gin and boy it is amazing. Highly recommended to all my gin friends 😁 5 star

  • Kathie Griffin
  • Verified
  • Dec 08, 2021
Unique and delicious

Delicious, such a lovely smooth drink

5 star

  • Kathie Griffin
  • Verified
  • Dec 08, 2021
Amazing team

Fabulous product & packaging. Awesome customer service with immediate response when contacted.

  • Mandy
  • Verified
  • Dec 13, 2021
Fab presentation

Looks too good to open. A special gift I’m sure will be as yum as the gin. Fast delivery and well packaged for travel.

  • Mandy
  • Verified
  • Dec 13, 2021
The best Australian Gin – full stop.

This is the gin that I gift to everyone, serve as my standard and enjoy more than any other. It is ridiculously smooth but packs a punch with the pepper leaf and lemon myrtle. It is an absolute cracker. If you ever see them having a sale – load up!

  • Sarah Howley
  • Verified
  • Dec 19, 2021
The Best

Hands down the best gin available. Absolute winner, crisp, refreshing and a smooth taste. Perfect for that cold G&T at the end of the day. Bought the Christmas gin for our VIP clients this year for that special treat they will love.

  • Adam
  • Verified
  • Dec 31, 2021
A wonderful gift

My husband loves his gin and your distillery popped up on my timeline. I loved the special Xmas message you placed on the bottle which totally surprised him and he is finding your product smooth and lovely. To the point that he’s rationing it because he wants to enjoy every glass. Your gin was his choice to ring on the new year. Will definitely buy again.

  • Jo
  • Verified
  • Jan 01, 2022

Gets you were it counts, smooth

  • Noel Skimmings
  • Verified
  • Jan 17, 2022
Best vodka yet!

Never thought I liked vodka but I choose this over other vodkas and even other spirits! It has its own fascinating flavour that I like best on the rocks. You really should give it a try- buy it even if you have never sampled any. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Johana
  • Verified
  • Feb 19, 2022
Do yourself a favour.

Even the most fussy of drinkers will be impressed when you serve them this vodka. With out a doubt an impressive drop.

  • Craig Nettlefold
  • Verified
  • Mar 01, 2022
When only the best will do

The smoothest gin ever

  • Anthony
  • Verified
  • Mar 14, 2022
Hartshorn Gin top shelf.

I am a collector and drinker of many Gins. There was a period of time where I would have available at home 18 different Gins. Since tasting Hartshorn Gin I have not wanted to drink many of my other Gins. I am now down to 5 Gins with Hartshorn being one of my two favourite Gins and this has been the case for 12 months now. I was excited to learn of Hartshorn recent success at the World Gin Awards.

  • Stephen Hannan
  • Verified
  • Mar 29, 2022
It was so good I nearly cried

I bought a bottle of the 2nd batch when it came out last year and just got around to trying it. This sounds embarrassing but I nearly cried tasting it, it was so good.

I am normally a peaty/smokey whisky drinker but I’m such a fan of all of your products (have a collection of special edition bottles of your gin and vodka) I decided to invest in a bottle for my collection. I’m so glad I did but now regret not buying two. I’m not sure if anyone has reviewed the taste but my experience so far…

Sharp/crisp on the first sip then very quickly mellows to give off a smooth, light caramel then vanilla after-taste. I tried it over a large block of ice and each sip had more depth and aroma. The caramel and vanilla layers were very distinct and smooth.

As a scot I’ve tried a lot of whisky and generally tend to go for an older smokey taste but this is in my top two favourite whiskies ever. (The other being a red gum smoked whisky by Archie Rose).

Cheers Irene

  • Irene Clelland
  • Verified
  • Apr 06, 2022
Vodka heaven

I have purchased a selection of vodka and gin from Hartshorn. The Peat smoked vodka is my favourite and I have re-ordered several times. It’s a rare flavour for a vodka. Absolutely excellent.

  • Simon N
  • Verified
  • Apr 20, 2022

Great with ice and a twist of lime – yum

  • Jen
  • Verified
  • May 12, 2022
Tassie rocks again !

Great product enjoying it very much
Also love the bottle

  • Sandy
  • Verified
  • May 31, 2022
Tassie does it again !

What innovation and creativity
To achieve another great product
My family and i love your creativity

Supporting Aussie inventiveness

  • Sandy
  • Verified
  • May 31, 2022
Love love love

Love it 😍 best vodka EVER!!!

  • Erin Harvey
  • Verified
  • Jun 05, 2022
Best sipping gin

One of my favourite gins ever, it’s not afraid to be different… tastes like they chucked a bouquet of roses into the still

  • Foj
  • Verified
  • Jun 05, 2022
A Gin collectors favorite.

I just counted the various makers Gins in my collection. There are 13 and that is probably 10 to many now that I have started to settle. I just topped up my Sheep Whey Gin with another 3x 700ml bottles.
I tend not to bring out the Sheep Whey if I have two many friends over taking that opportunity to reduce the range of Gins that I have. There are Gins now that I have moved on from. I don’t believe I will ever move on from Hartshorn’s Gin, it is a premium Gin.
I am pleased that the Hartshorn team are winning awards for their Gin. It would be wonderful to see available 1 litre bottles.

  • Stephen Hannan
  • Verified
  • Jun 05, 2022
Excellent customer service

Great gin! And excellent customer service. I highly recommend :D

  • Suzanne
  • Verified
  • Jun 11, 2022

My new favourite gin. Have it on the rocks or with soda water.

  • Kellie Melnacis
  • Verified
  • Jun 14, 2022
Bloody beautiful

What an incredible bevy from bottle to brew it was the drink that got me on through. I admit to being a sucker for a classy bottle and you didn’t disappoint with the matte black and clear sneak peak at the base of the bottle. I don’t know if this is good or bad but this gem lasted a week and what a week it was. What an aroma, i have never experienced a vodka like it and doubt i ever will again unril my next order😉. I’ve heard both Napolean and the Queen were fans and if that isn’t a recommendation i don’t know what is. Smooth with a beautiful nose that leaves Bill Lawry in the weeds.

  • Will Cunningham
  • Verified
  • Jun 18, 2022

Absolutely love this. Delicious and instantly a fav!

  • Luke
  • Verified
  • Jul 01, 2022
Amazing product, fantastic personalised service

Thank you for personalizing my bottle of gin with a beautiful dragon fly and special words as requested, in memory of my twin who passed away from MND. Not only it the gin really nice, the bottle is extra special too!

  • Anna Macpherson
  • Verified
  • Jul 09, 2022

I am not a vodka fan but thought I’d give this a go whilst getting a bottle of the sheep’s whey gin. Wow…. drinkable on its own or throw in a nice big chunk of ice with a cinnamon twill and orange peel.

  • Diane
  • Verified
  • Jul 10, 2022
My favourite Vodka

This is my favourite vodka! Love the flavour with a hint of creaminess…very smooth. I like to drink it with soda water and a slice of cucumber .

  • Tina
  • Verified
  • Jul 26, 2022
My favourite

I have tried a few vodkas, mainly to mix with oj. THIS vodka, from Hartshorn however, is so perfectly delicious one only needs a beautiful glass and an ice block. I love it.

  • Jess Csendes
  • Verified
  • Sep 03, 2022
The most amazing vodka I’ve experienced I look no further

Since I discovered your product in a Dan Murphys store whilst I was in my experiment/taste testing phase looking for the vodka of choice I have immediately become addicted to this awesome flavour. I’m am now looking at indulging in a trial of the gin and a finger lime infused vodka. I ran dry my local Dan store and others close don’t hold stock atm so I have enjoyed the experience of buying direct, fast friendly and awesome staff getting my order processed and on its way to me. I’m very doubtful I need to quest further for any other vodka this is my one. I also love your philosophy of no crap added thst I love. Thank you for an amazing product and I shall continue to enjoy purchasing from you.

  • Shannon Moore
  • Verified
  • Oct 07, 2022
Great Gin

Has a great unique flavour. Tasmania has great Gin but this is my number 1.

  • Michael
  • Verified
  • Nov 13, 2022
Gorgeous Gin

After discovering this Gin at the Sydney Mould Festival 2 years ago we never drink any other gin… wonderful citrus and botanic notes and super smooth. Perfect for Martini’s!

  • Sacha
  • Verified
  • Nov 19, 2022
So aromatic

One of the best gin out there. Just love the aroma that comes out of it.

  • VL
  • Verified
  • Nov 23, 2022
Outstanding martini

I love a dirty gin martini. I love a peated whisky. The Peat Smoked Vodka gives me the best combination of the two and created another love! It makes an outstanding martini (as well as being a great vodka for so many other cocktails). Before we got to the bottom of the first bottle we were already ordering a replacement.

  • Julie Williams
  • Verified
  • Nov 26, 2022
A hit at my parties

I love this with a dash of limoncello and Sodawater for a refreshing drink.

My hubby loves your drier products and your saltbush vodka is a winner! He drinks you oak and peat vodkas straight as he appreciates the different flavours.

  • Jo
  • Verified
  • Nov 27, 2022
The smoothest vodka ever

This is quite possibly my favourite vodka in the whole wide world. It’s smooth. It’s creamy. It just glides down your throught. Thi is vodka for grown ups.

  • Andrew Smith
  • Verified
  • Dec 19, 2022

The cleanest, smoothest vodka I’ve had. And the finger lime infusion is 👌, especially for a quick refreshing VLS at the end of the week.

  • Leah
  • Verified
  • Dec 24, 2022

Perfect every time. Beautiful smooth drink whichever way you choose. . Personally I love it with fresh lime.

  • Julien cahn
  • Verified
  • Dec 24, 2022
Best tasting gin you can get hands down

I’ve had the opportunity to try most of there gin releases Hands down best flavours in gin I’ve tasted was a dedicated Hendrix gin drinker have not brought anything else but hartshorn gin since I first tasted it in Hobart at the markets 👌👌👍👍

  • Jason
  • Verified
  • Dec 25, 2022
Gin of first choice.

Sheep Whey, I love this straight up and the best place is in a relaxing Sauna.
Its on the top of my list for a good Gin & Tonic, don’t worry about garnishes as the Gin has all the flavor you need.

  • Chris stone
  • Verified
  • Apr 02, 2023
Great vodka…great service

This Vodka is amazing to sip over ice without mixers.
The quality is first rate!!
I first tried the classic vodka in Tassie.
It was so good that I continue to purchase more.
This tim I tried the finger Lime….it was so refreshing.

The ordering and delivery process is very efficient.

I would recommend you try both these vodkas

  • Veronique Bottrill
  • Verified
  • Apr 15, 2023

Absolutely delicious, smooth as, with just a hint of peat at the finish. Hard to put the bottle back on the shelf. Very moreish. Love it

  • Peter Brown
  • Verified
  • Apr 24, 2023
Smooth and Smokey

Very smooth with a slow smokey aftertaste, perfect by its own or with cocktails

  • Johnson
  • Verified
  • May 01, 2023

Serving Suggestion

Smokey Clear Cola...

Pour over ice and enjoy!


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